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Choice edits of beautiful homeware to inspire, love, radiate pleasure and reflect unique style 

Welcome to Gladys & Charles, an independent online homeware and accessories specialist. 
I’m Karen, owner and founder of the brand. Our name is a tribute to my late, much loved grandparents. It’s a mature title for a young company, reminding me to look to the past for inspiration while embracing the future with my trademark energy and optimism.
After retiring early from a successful corporate career, I found myself with no outlet for a wealth of ambition and drive. Drawing on a life-long passion for home-décor, I created Gladys & Charles. Our decorative pieces, soft-furnishings and furniture are often hand-made and always high-quality. We stock design-led items in bold colours and natural materials. Items made to be treasured. Items that transcend trends. 

Gladys & Charles isn’t a one-stop shop for home décor. We don’t stock mass-produced items or generic goods. We follow a very simple ethos – we only sell products that we truly love. Pieces are hand-picked to be as distinct and unique as our customers and their homes. We source products thoughtfully, cherry-picking the most unusual wholesalers and scouring the globe for talented artisans.

Think of us as a local shop where you can browse at leisure and are served by friendly staff who share your passion for interiors. We offer an eclectic edit of both traditional and modern pieces that are functional and decorative, sitting as comfortably in an urban environment as they would in a country cottage. Combine this experience with the ease of internet shopping and you’ve arrived at Gladys and Charles.

As a woman who wants a stylish home that reflects her personality, but doesn’t have time to shop around, I created Gladys & Charles to act as a curator of outstanding and unusual home décor. We sell a very limited number of each item (in fact, many pieces are one-off’s) so our stock is constantly changing. Each time you visit us, there’s something new and unique to discover.

At Gladys & Charles, our virtual doors are always open. We’d like to get to know you and find out what you think of our shop.

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Our ethos

We only sell pieces that we truly love.

Integrity underpins our customer relationships and business activity.

We care so, so aspire and inspire an eco-lifestyle without design compromise.

Give back to our local community.

Thank you for visiting Gladys & Charles.