Spring 2021 | Tips to create a beautiful table setting

Layer the table - with a table cloth to create a base and add seasonal decorations, such as flowers, fruits, vegetables or theme decorations.

Keep it simple – for dishes, cutlery and table linen, keep the palette simple or use complimentary colours. To create a rustic feel, replace flowers with pots of herbs.

Candles are always a winner – they create the most beautiful ambience and mood setting. Be conscious of height placement and ensure tall candles are not obstructive. We personally favour clear glass tea light candle holders.

Dinning outdoors – be sure to use seasonal flowers or keep it simple with green foliage or herbs. Swope vases for glass jars for an authentic rustic vibe. Consider placing a throw blanket on the back of a chair for guests to use if they get cold.

Don’t be afraid to bring the outdoors indoors or vice versa.


Overcrowding the table – which will make the meal feel uncomfortable. Limit the number of glasses is serving a casual meal or lunch or utilise smaller plates to create more space.

Using an obstructive centrepiece – before placing the finishing touches on the table, try sitting down and testing the height of the centrepiece. If you can’t see over or beyond it, swap it out for something shorter.

Fragrant flowers and candles – whilst fresh flowers and scented candles are beautiful, the scent can sometimes overpower, when it comes to dining you want the food to be the fragrant thing in the room.

September 2020 | A staple home accessory

Candle holders and candles remain one the most popular décor pieces of a home and bring so much delight. They fill a room with beautiful candle scents, create ambience, a romantic mood setting and add a stylish statement to an interior – what’s not to love!

Unlike some accessories, that are limited in use or suits one room, candle holders are attractive pieces that can be used day or night, year-round.

With a plethora of modern candle holder designs to choose from though, the challenge is finding candle holders that complement an existing interior. So, the right placement and right candleholder can make a world of difference.  Consider these ideas:

  • Think broader than the dining room table – candle holders can literally be placed in all rooms of the house, but don’t be tempted to go overboard.
  • Elevate the coffee table - a jar candle is the obvious placement but consider opting for tall candles to add height to a low coffee table for impact.
  • Add colour - the candles themselves can be used to add simple elements of colour to a room.
  • Transform the side table - a tall candle or candle holder placed on a small side table, again to give it height, can change into a serious statement.
  • Create a Mantel feature - think again about the form or creating height to amplify.
  • Use a candle holder to make a statement – such as with a whimsical candle holder.
  • Top a kitchen table – with a single bold candle, and no other décor will be required. 

With so much to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know what choice to make. Your instincts are generally right, choose pieces you love, that reflect your personality and the style you are looking to achieve.


August 2020 | New found love of coastal styled interior

This past season we have seen a lot of contemporary coastal inspired furnishings and accessories in the market. So, we took a closer look and discovered that when done well, the style creates the most fabulous airy and relaxed space and we can safely say we are a convert!  Here’s what we uncovered:

A modern coastal house décor is unlike traditional beachy style we might associate with coastal interiors.  Often mistaken with nautical or Hampton themes, which have darker colours such a navy, reds, blues, stripes, and nautical accents such anchors.  A modern coastal is all about creating a light, airy, casual and chill space.  The style is not only pretty but if done right has a calming atmosphere.

Refreshing and relaxing is what a home with a beachy interior design feels like. Start with a light and layered colour palette, whites, beiges and sandy tones. When it comes to colour though, less is more. Light walls will make the interior feel roomier and airy. Play with neutral tones mixing whites and sandy tones to create depth and interest.

Keep it airy and light, so avoid closing off the room with heavy curtains. Choose sheer and breezy fabrics to dress the windows and let light in.

Add natural, texture rich elements with furnishings, rugs and ornament choices, such as linen, rattan, jute, natural woods. Avoid the cliché fishy or anchor prints. Be guided by the landscape, for example, blue/green glass vases, earthy ceramic, jute grass rugs, blue sea tones or natural green plants but don't be tempted to go overboard. And stay away from anything glossy or shiny as this creates a modern feel and detracts from the laid back and relaxed feel of coastal style.

If done right this relaxing and beautiful trend can feel like a stylish high-end haven!


April 2020 | Unprecedented times

In line with government guidelines, for online retail, we remain open for business.  We continue to trade from home, subject to change with courier and supplier services. Our focus is to continue to offer excellent service.

We appreciate styling and accessorising a home may not feature highly at the present time. We considered closing our small online store but decided to keep going and posting on social channels, if for no other reason, than to provide a welcome distraction and create a sense of normality in an extraordinary period. 

Stay safe. Stay home. Celebrate acts of humanity.

Karen x